Illustrated postcard numbered ‘44’ in black, edited by the Greek State (Hellenic Postal Service, 2nd series, 1901) with bilingual text in Greek and French, reading “ΑΘΗΝΑΙ – ΘΕΑΤΡΟΝ ΔΙΟΝΥΣΟΥ / ATHÈNES – THÉATRE DE BACCHUS; Έκδοσις της Ελληνικής ταχυδρομικής υπηρεσίας / Edition du service des Postes Helléniques”; printed by ‘Dr. Trenkler & Co.’, Leipsig, Germany (logo).
[It belonged to a quantity of deposed 1901-03 cards, overprinted in February 1918 with black "ΣΤΡΑΤΙΩΤΙΚΟΝ ΔΕΛΤΑΡΙΟΝ ΑΤΕΛΕΣ” in Greek [Franchise Military Postcard] to be used for correspondence from the Greek soldiers to domestic addresses.
Other copies were sent after the end of WW1 in November 1918 also to the French, British, Italian, and possibly Serbian men who fought in Greece, having been kept as souvenir or mailed since early January 1919, even after the allied troops were later sent to other countries.]
Imprinted 10 lepta ‘Hermes’ stamp, not valid, cancelled with ‘TRESOR ET POSTES …… 20.5.19’ datestamp assigned to French APO 508 (with index number scraped) at Monastir, Serbia; posted free and routed through civil mails to Fousseret, Haute-Garonne in southwestern France.
Condition: Excellent; see scans.

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1919 Greece military card used by France allied troops, Tresor Postes 508 Serbia

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