Cover airmailed from Drama to Athens bearing the rare blue triple-ring commemorative handstamp texted in Greek “ΕΝΑΡΞΙΣ ΑΕΡΟΠ. ΣΥΓΚΟΙΝΩΝΙΑΣ ΑΘΗΝΩΝ – ΔΡΑΜΑΣ / ΜΑΪΟΣ 1934” (Inauguration of Air Communication Athens-Drama / May 1934).
Bears a perforated airmail label (44x16mm), texted in Greek: “ΑΕΡΟΠΟΡΙΚΩΣ” (By air), white on blue with an aeroplane on background; issued by EEES on 10.11.1933 (printer: “ΑΣΠΙΩΤΗ-ΕΛΚΑ”).
Franked with block of three 1dr. ‘Temple of Theseus’ (Landscapes I issue, 1927) plus 1dr. ‘Map of Greece’ (airpost Government issue, 1933) adhesives cancelled ΔΡΑΜΑ ΑΠΟΣΤΟΛΗ 26.V.34 [Athens Dispatch by Air, 26 May 1934].
Total franking: 4 drachmae; 3dr. for domestic surface mail (in effect from 1 June to 31 August 1932) plus 1dr. for the airmail tax in effect from 6 May 1931 to 27 April 1941.
Backstamped ΑΘΗΝΑΙ ΑΦΙΞΙΣ ΑΕΡΟΠΟΡΙΚΩΣ 26.V.34 (Athens, Arrival by air 26 May 1934) applied in black upon arrival at the airport, and ΑΘΗΝΑΙ ΑΦΙΞΙΣ 26.V.34 (Athens GPO Arrival, 26 May 1934).
Condition: Fine; scarce. See scans.

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1934 Greece EEES Hellenic Air Communications Company Drama-Athens First flight

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