Greek airmailed registered commercial corner cover with sender’s typewritten instruction ‘ΑΕΡΟΠΟΡΙΚΩΣ’ [By Air], and pencil ms endorsements “R 167 Πειραιώς” dated “10?/3/43” [Registered no. 167, Piraeus], written in place of a label not available. Franked with ‘50Dr ‘Meteora’ + 3x100Dr ‘Mount Athos – Pantokrator Monastery’ (Landscapes issue, 1942) plus 4x2Dr ‘Voreas’ (North wind) airpost adhesives (1942). Total franking: 350 Dr. required for 3rd weight domestic surface mail (3x20gr) and 100 Dr. for registration fee, in effect from 1 February to 31 July 1943 (inflation period 6/12) plus a band of four 2Dr airpost adhesives affixed for the collection of the 4th weight domestic air mail fee (4x15gr).
[One month later, the airmail fee was re-set to 10 drachmas per 15 grams by the Decree of 11 April 1943, when the “Deutsche Luft Hansa” airline was authorized to carry mail between Athens and Thessaloniki.]
Postmarked with ‘ΠΕΙΡΑΙΕΥΣ 10? III 43’ [Piraeus, 10? March 1943] date stamp and forwarded to Athens. Opened and examined by the Italians in the Mail Censor Office. Resealed with tape printed ‘VERIFICATO PER CENSURA’ on reverse, tied with ‘UFFICIO CENSURA POSTALE – ATENE’ double-ring marking in violet. Cover bears also the fractional ‘24/Gre’ single ring examiner’s number.
Backstamped at final destination with s.r. ‘ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΗ 15 ΙII 1943 ΣΥΣΤΗΜΕΝΑ’ [Thessaloniki Registered, 15 March 1943].
Condition: Good to very good; see scans.

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WW2 Italian occupation Greece Piraeus airmail censored cover to Thessaloniki 1943

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