Greek postal stationery cover (sold for 1 drachma) airmailed to Germany, franked with 8 Dr. ‘King George’ (1937) regular adhesive + 7 Dr. ‘Pallas Athena’ (1937) and a pair of 50 Lepta postage due stamps (1930) overprinted in 1941 with a small airplane design for airmail fee plus 1 Dr. Social Providence “Queens Olga and Sophia” (1939) charity adhesive, cancelled in Athens with ATHINAI POSTE AERIENNE 31.V.41 date-stamp (first month of occupation).
[Greece was occupied in end-April 1941. Of all the prewar issued Greek stamps then in circulation, those depicting members of the Greek royal family were withdrawn in July 1941 (15 June for the Ionian Islands), by order of the Axis occupation authorities.]
Total franking: 8 dr. required for letter to Germany from 1 September 1939 + 1 drachma charity required from 1 February 1939 + 8 Dr. airpost adhesives required from 6.3.1940; all rates changed on 19 September 1941.
Addressee’s details stamped on flap.
Opened and examined in Vienna, where the international letter inspection military service “g” was authorized to examine correspondence mainly to and from the Balkan States: Pencil/stamp examiners’ numbers “2016/IV”, 1311/43/1” (front), “6665”, “1342”, “652” (reverse) endorsed, while a “Geprüft / Oberkommando der Wehrmacht” red rubber stamp was applied in red, tying the “Geöffnet / Oberkommando der Wehrmacht g” printed re-sealing tape.
Condition: Excellent; see scans.

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WW2 Early German occupation Greece Athens commercial cover to Germany 1941

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