British Army Signals message form (Army Form C1136, Small) from the Civil Affairs Operations (CAO) at Karpathos Island (Italian: Scarpanto) with service message to the British Military Administration (BMA) at Rhodes re request of a Greek subject with Sudan travelling permit to settle as school teacher on the island (had family and property there). Message sent on 24 October 1946.
Sender’s ms details: Station Officer, Carpathos; ms endorsed ’24 12:30', filed with pencil for day/time of receipt.
Stamped with CARPATHOS 24.10.46 DODECANESE postmark (adapted by the British forces in Cairo from a disaffected Italian date stamp of the Aegean, introduced ca. April 1946, current until 31 March 1947).
[After the Badoglio Government signed the armistice on 8 September 1943, the German forces on Rhodes attacked the Italian troops seizing the island on the 11th, but also Scarpanto and Caso; Cos was taken on 3 October and Leros on 16 November.
In less than a year later (October 1944), the Germans began evacuating Greece but their forces in some of the Dodecanese islands were left behind and continued the fight until the end of the war. The re-conquest of the islands by British/Indian troops began in December 1944; Scarpanto was taken in the first months of 1945. The surrender of Germany, on 8 May 1945, was immediately followed by the occupation of the remaining islands with a British Military Administration taking over at Rhodes on the 9th.]
Condition: Good, albeit with filling holes. Uncommon item postally used; see scan.

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1946 Dodecanese Karpathos Island British Army Signals message form to BMA Rhodes

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