Cover to Sofia franked with block of four 15st. Bulgarian adhesives issued in 1919 and overprinted horizontally THRACE / OCCIDENTALE in April 1920 (4th issue), cancelled with ДИМОТИКА / DIMOTIKA 6.V.920 date-stamp.
Initially stamped with single-ring “T” postage due marking but cancelled later with pencil.
Bilingual SOPHIA/ СОФИЯ date-stamp applied half-pressed at destination; date not shown.
[Western Thrace was taken by the Kingdom of Bulgaria in October 1913. France occupied the area at the end of the First World War, following the defeat of Bulgaria. On 1 December 1919, the Inter-allied Administration was established in the area; this ended on 31/5/1920, being replaced by the Greek Administration on next day, 1 June 1920.]
Condition: Fair; see scans.

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1920 West Thrace Inter-Allied Administration cover to Sofia Bulgaria Greece

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