Italian ‘Bank of Rome’ airmailed postal stationery corner cover from Syros Branch titled “Banco di Roma, FILIALE DI “SIRA (EGEO)” in violet, addressed to Rhodes Branch [“ALLA DIREZIONE DEL BANCO DI ROMA, Filiale di RODI (Egeo)], franked with 50c Italian Aegean adhesive inscribed RODI, cancelled with "POSTA MILITARE N. 162 4.6.42 XX" Italian military date-stamp.
[The Italians administered the Dodecanese Islands since 1912. Following the German occupation of Greece in April 1941, the Italians extended their presence from Rhodes to the Aegean area and the Cyclades.
PM 162 operated on Syros Island from 16.05.42 to 08.09.43.
Correspondence of banks was often delivered to military post for security reasons. As ordinary surface mail was free for military correspondence, an airpost fee was collected.]
Stamped twice with black oblong BANCO DI ROMA/ FILIALE DI RODI -8 GIU. 42, receiving numbers 007061 and 007083 on arrival at destination.
Condition: Opened on three sides for demonstration. See scans.

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WW2 Italy Banco di Roma service cover from Syros Greece to Rhodes Egeo 1942

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