Commercial corner envelope airmailed from Athens Greece to Grasse France, franked with 2x3Dr. ‘Hermes with Arcas, infant’ (litho issue, 1913-25) + 50L. ’Corinth Canal, bridge and train’ (‘Landscapes I’ issue, 1927). Total franking: 6.50 drachmae [4Dr. surface (1.5.27-31.5.32) + 2.50Dr. air mail (1930-1932)].
Handstruck framed oblong “ΕΝΑΕΡΙΩΣ / PAR AVION” Greek/French bilingual airmail cachet was applied in violet at the Athens GPO, where the postage stamps were cancelled with their ΑΘΗΝΑΙ 4.VI.31 ΑΠΟΣΤΟΛΗ ΑΕΡΟΠΟΡΙΚΩΣ [Athens despatch by Air, 4 June 1931] postmark.
Backstamped PARIS GARE DU NORD AVION 7.VII.31 (month mistakenly set instead of correct “VI”), where the Greek cachet was crossed out, and the letter was transmitted next by surface mail to final destination, postmarked ‘GRASSE ALPES-MARITIMES 9.VI.31’.
Condition: Excellent; see scans.

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1931 Greece Athens airmail cover to France, sent by surface to final destination

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