A significant number of philatelic lots (mainly of araphin) were stolen on 27.02.2022. They remain posted because they cannot be checked immediately.

Bulgaria Yambol/Burgas 1860: Small envelope prepared at Ямбол and probably carried by private means to Burgas (Бургасъ, where, according to Tchilinghirian, an Agency of the Р.О.П.иТ was established in 1860's) and entrusted to the Agent or given to a ship to be posted from Constantinople. The address was written using Greek letters (rotated by 180º) and partially transliterated "Hadji Jorghi, Mersine" by the Agent of Р.О.П.иТ Constantinople Agency, who stamped it with the COMPAGNIE RUSSE CONSTANTINOPLE 26.4.18-60 blue postmark and the very rare boxed "NON AFFRANCHIE" (Not prepaid) in same color, marking also the tax to be paid "25 Cop" (kopeks, handwritten) by the receiver. On reverse, the receiver noted in Greek "γαμπολ 1860, 1860 Μαϊς ῥοσία", RRR & VF -small part of the envelope missing

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Turkey Bulgaria Russia Levant 1860, not-prepaid small cover with the rare boxed COMPAGNIE RUSSE CONSTANTINOPLE

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