Due to the increase of postal fees in Hellenic Posts from July 27, 2023, the postage listed in previous lots posts are no longer valid. Please consult sellers.


Purchases on the internet

Technology and the internet have undoubtedly aided collectors and the movement of related items. Huge global internet-based stores have made contact between collectors and merchants - that would otherwise have never had the opportunity to meet - feasible. In spite of all the positive attributes of the internet, knowledge and genuineness, the two major issues every collector confronts, have not been resolved. Novices, but advanced collectors as well, continue to purchase dubious items, many times without any sort of deceit or wiliness on the part of the seller; the lack of knowledge is responsible.


Website with a new outlook

Collectio.bid comes to aid in the safer buying and selling of collectibles, by offering its knowledge and experience regarding the items found in its website, and in cooperation with experts and widely recognized specialist collectors in their respective fields. Although it is not yet possible to cover the whole world and the global market, we currently limit our span to the greater geographic space in which the website is based.


Our previous experience

Collectio.bid is the evolution of the collectibles journal and Collectio auction house that was established in 1991. Recognized especially for its knowledge, experience, and trade of the collectibles of the Balkans, Collectio hopes to continue its sincere efforts on behalf of the collectors via this new mode of technological innovation.


Our geographical span

For the collectors, especially philatelists, Greece and the Balkans, but also the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East, along with the eastern countries of Europe are inextricably bound. To those, come to be added the great powers of Europe, both when they imposed their will on the Ottoman Empire and played as such a major role in the economy of the wider geographical area, but also, when with their political decisions and military prowess physically presented themselves in the area, occupied territories, created new states and protectorates, and changed the borders accordingly.


Objects offered in our venue

Collectible objects are many and without limit in scope. They are old or objects of visual art, collected by someone who is emotionally moved or impressed by the historical, local, artistic, simply collectible nature of an item. In addition to the philatelic and numismatic items, in the website you will find offered old illustrated cards, photographs, books and journals, posters, items related to scripophily (company shares, etc.), manuscripts, identification cards, tickets, advertisements of all types, gravures, maps, product labels, tobacco related items, cinderellas, collectible cards, small objects, old objects either in their original form  or transformed, jewelry, embroidery, traditional costumes and their accessories, and much more!



Every collector has always looked for genuine items for his or her collections. However, the unbridled enthusiasm of some collectors, as well as the profit motivation of some dealers, resulted in the creation of souvenir type and spurious items. Also, local and international networks of individuals and merchants took advantage of historical developments and events and created items of a dubious character in order to satisfy the collecting hunger of their respective clientele.

Collectio.bid does not prohibit, nor does it criminalize privately made items, souvenirs, the patriotic-related items, nor does it prohibit the trading of forgeries, since they can be for one reason or another collectible. However, when offered, such items must be described accordingly, in a clear and truthful manner. When in the description of an item, there is no mention of the spuriousness or the modification of the item’s authenticity, then collectio.bid can add its own opinion, without the seller having the right to claim a financial or any other type of damage by the collectio.bid intervention.

On the contrary, collectio.bid does not wish, nor does it allow the trading of modern fakes or dubious creations and removes them as soon as it becomes aware of their offerings (either directly or through the aid of another user /member of the site).

The characterization of items by collection.bid is a service that will be free of charge through 2016. From the beginning of 2017, however, it will be available only to our premium members.


Prices without an additional commission charge

The sale prices or the final offers for items sold via collectio.bid are free from an addition commission. The fees we collect are paid only by the sellers.

The sale prices or final bids of items offered by other auction houses (that are simply hosted by our site) may be subject to additional commission charges and other fees as described in the terms of each of these auction houses. Collectio.bid does not in any way involve itself in the process of payment for purchases from such auction houses.



Payment may be made with various accepted methods, including IBAN transfers (within the European Union), cash on delivery, Paypal, cash (within the acceptable legal limits).

Members of collectio.bid

Regular Members

Premium Members (Privileged)


Hosted Auction Houses

Collectors do not always have the ability and/or willingness to search through what may seem as a chaotic internet. Their time is valuable, and, as users, perhaps may have difficulty to access all that may be of interest to them. Also, the registration process, password settings, etc. for different sites, may intimidate people not experienced enough. We give the opportunity of hosting various auction houses, bringing together as such the largest possible number of offered items relevant to our geographic span available worldwide. Our registered members can see and even bid or purchase items from other auction houses without being their members. This service, which will be available soon, will be restricted to only our privileged members. 


Innovative functions

Items for more detailed examination or for watching

The hard-to-use watching lists of most commercial websites are replaced with a friendly one that speeds up the process. During a fast perusal of the lots, the user can locate the item which immediately is placed on a “to re-examine” status, without exiting the browsing process. We are offering with an electronic means the moves used to while perusing at kiosks’ boxes or merchant stores.


Categories and Countries of Items

For the facilitation of searching, the seller of an object must (in addition to the title, price, and image) insert the category and the country of the item, while guide (especially in the philatelic items) with the aid of other tools and “trees” available for the specialized uploading of the item for sale. These tools are of historical and geographical content, topical categories, characteristics and important details or specifications, but also keywords.



The privileged members have the ability to ask for the free opinion of recognized experts or specialized collectors via the website, for items they may wish to purchase. This opinion does not equate a certificate of expertise, nor is it binding. The response will be uploaded on the page of the offered item and will be visible to all members for the remainder of 2016, but only to the privileged members starting in 2017.

Certificates of Expertization

The privileged members may request, upon payment of a fee, a certificate of expertization for items that may be of interest to them to purchase or to sell via collectio.bid. Clearly, expertization can only take place with the physical examination of the item in question.


Bidding on hosted auctions

The privileged member can send his or her offers to the auctioneer via email created by collectio.bid once his or her bidding lists are made.


Physical presence of agents in hosted auctions

Privileged members can, upon payment of an agreed to fee, request that an auction agent show up in person and bid on behalf of our member at some auctions. In many cases, the examination of the items on behalf of the collectio.bid member can be arranged as well.


The texts above, in grey color, concern functions that will be soon available.  When that is the case, you will be informed accordingly.